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Skin Beauty

Alpha Mixt MM
A solution of medium chain alpha hydroxy acids for a gentle skin and scalp exfoliation. Alpha Hydroxylauric Acid is also available.

Guava Extract LC
Protects and stimulates collagen with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Kalamansi ECO
Rich in fruit acids. For skin radiance and in hair care for shiny and silky appearance of the hair.

Matte Lite® TF6
Based on sucrose esters and clay with sebum absorption and mattifying properties, this self-emulsifying base is ideal for oily skin formulations, foundations and masks. Provides a delicate skin coverage and powder feel.

Natural Caffeine
Pharmacopeial grade (USP, EP) natural anhydrous caffeine extracted from coffee beans or tea leaves. Used in cosmetics for lipolytic activity. Beneficial in suncare and anti-proliferative skin care preparations.

Phytocytol® BLM
Solution based on pure flavonoids
A solution based on pure flavonoids (Baicalin, Luteolin, Myricetin). Decreases melanin formation while protecting the skin from UV damages.

TeenActine® Complex
A synergistic combination aimed at re-establishing balance in acne-prone skin. Reduces inflammation and regulates cell differentiation.

Thein® MM
Pure caffeine extracted from tea leaves. An alternative to caffeine from coffee and to synthetic caffeine.