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About MMP

MMP supplies unique Natural and Synthetic Products, Specially Purified Extracts, and Custom Proprietary Compounds, as well as Inventive Formulation Aids.

Our team is continuously working on the development of new formulation concepts and innovative modes of action for our skin care ingredients.

MMP's successful innovation has been recognized by the grants of several patents in the area of new formulation systems.

At MMP we value the importance of our environment and of its preservation. Introducing environmental-friendly products and processes has become our priority, as well as our efforts to focus on the sustainability of natural resources. Our vegetal alternatives to animal derived ingredients are examples of our devotion to respect endangered species and of our concerns for safety issues.

In addition to our product line, we work with you in developing new compounds for your special projects and utilizations. Tailoring the production and defining the quality of raw materials to fulfill the customer's requirements are some of our many strengths.

MMP also brings a concept of highly individualized assistance and service, always striving to provide our clientele with unique and hard-to-find resources. Our experienced staff has a network of partners based around the globe to bring our customers the most innovative, cost-effective technology in the industry.

At MMP our mission is to manufacture raw materials of the highest quality for cosmetic and personal care applications with customized service.